UK Distribution

  • Courier – we work with a leading courier firm to deliver single case items to any post code in the UK. We offer next day delivery, timed delivery or a standard 3 day delivery.
  • Direct Delivery – we can offer a direct delivery tailored to your requirements, ensuring your goods are collected and delivered by the same vehicle on your timescale. Reduced handling, means reduced risk of damage.
  • Pallet Network – We have close links to leading pallet networks throughout the UK to deliver anything from 1 pallet up to a full 26 pallet load offering competitive prices.
  • Bonded Movements – We can deliver goods under bond to other UK approved warehouses using our movement guarantee to ensure full liability for excise duty is accounted for every step of the way.
  • All our transport partners are vetted and graded to ensure they are the right people to work alongside.

EU Distribution

  • We specialise in delivering full loads (26 pallet average) to the EU. Whether you want your goods delivering locally to Calais, or further afield within the continent, Safe Cellars can offer this solution.
  • Our partnered hauliers are fully vetted to ensure full CMR liability is covered.
  • For bonded deliveries, we have our own movement guarantee which will cover liability for the full excise duty every step of the way.
  • We also have a number of haulage partners who work with Safe Cellars and can offer use of their HMRC approved movement guarantee. This enables us to cater for all your needs. If you have an urgent delivery to Europe, we know we have the solution to make this happen at a price suitable to you. Our partners deliver to and from the continent regularly and can offer back load prices for our customers.